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420 SE Crestview

Due to a job relocation the sellers had to make a move quickly. One concern they expressed was that the home was not ready to sell. They needed to touch up paint here or there, the lawn in the backyard wasn't great. We advised the sellers to price the home appropriately and place it on the market. Inventory has been low all year here in Pullman, and the truth is buyers aren't expecting to find homes with every little item taken care of. Even as the market has slowed due to rate increases and the typical summer lull this home sold for full list price. What we are finding is that desirable appropriately priced homes are still selling in a timely manner here in Pullman. Scroll down to see how much it sold for! 


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"If you're like me you like to know where you stand with your investments. Whether that is your personal bank account balance, 401K, or stock portfolio there are easy ways to find out the value of your investments. You probably even have an app on your phone that can give you an up to the minute value. For many people the real estate they own is one of the biggest, if not the most valuable, asset they own. So why not log onto an app and check the value of your home? Well many have tried (Zillow's Zestimate) and failed. This is because there are so many factors that determine a home's value. Having a local real estate expert who is active in your market is the best way to determine the value of the real estate you own. Reach out to schedule your home valuation. I am happy to evaluate your home on an annual basis at no cost to you!" - Jordan